Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cabled Scarf

This was my first cable project. I picked it because it seemed simple to learn with just one large cable. I found the original pattern here. I found the cabling to be quite easy, but the odd slipped/wrapped edging on the scarf was giving me quite the headache. I could never remember what line of the edging I was on. Then my roommate sat on me when I was about 8 inches in and half my knitting came off the needles. I ripped out everything I had done and started over. This gave me the chance to get rid of that stupid edging that was confusing me. I changed it to a simple slip stitch edge and the pattern became very easy and quick. I showed my scarf in progress to my boyfriend and he actually agreed that my knitting looked cool. He wanted a hat like my scarf so I designed the cable crown hat. I stopped working on my scarf for awhile to make his hat, my hat, and the headband for Echo, but once I finished those I finished the scarf.

Cable Scarf
Size 8 needles
cable needle
2 skeins worsted weight yarn
3 stitch markers

Cast on 36 stitches and knit a setup row.

Row 1: sl 1 k11 (place stitch marker) p12 (place second stitch marker) k12
Row 2: sl 1 k11 k12 k12
Row 3: sl 1 k11 p12 k12
Row 4: sl 1 k11 k12 k12
Row 5: sl 1 k11 p12 k12
Row 6: sl 1 k11 slip 6 stitches onto cable needle and let hang to back k6 and then knit the 6 stitches off the cable needle. Be sure to pull tight at the ends of the cable to avoid holes. K12
Row 7: sl 1 k11 p12 k12
Row 8: sl 1 k11 k12 k12
Row 9: sl 1 k11 p12 k12
Row 10: sl 1 k11 k12 k12
Row 11: sl 1 k11 p12 k12
Row 12: sl 1 k11 k12 k12

Repeat cable pattern until scarf is desired length (I made mine 6ft, would have gone longer but I ran out of yarn) end on row 12 of the pattern so that the ends match, bind off and weave in ends.

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